Deep Junk Garage - Diecast Builder's Profile

Today we are learning a little bit about a custom builder known on YouTube as Deep Junk Garage. 

Q. Hi  Bob, I’m a big fan of your work, tell me, tell me a bit about yourself?

A. I am 50 years old, live in Northeast Ohio and have worked in the automotive field all my life. Back troubles now keep me out of the garage as much as I would like. 

Q. How long have you been building/modifying die-cast? 

A. I started detailing and modifying diecast around age 9 or 10.

Q. How did you get involved with building die cast? 

A. As a kid my only focus was on cars, nothing else.  I had tons of diecast cars and when I started building model cars it only stood to reason that if I’m detailing models why not diecast?

Q. What is your style/theme as a builder? 

A. As a builder I love to put as much detail as I can into a car, exhaust, driveshaft, fuel lines, plug wires and roll bars etc. And I like to bury those details so you have to look to see them. I would say my style is “less is more”.

Q. What do you like about customizing die cast? 

A. I like being able to let my mind wonder and come up with something cool to try and not worrying about messing up because chances are I only paid a buck for the car. LOL 

Q. What is next the customization for you? 

A. I have a Jeep Scrambler that’s next. I haven’t done many 4x4s so I’m looking forward to doing it. 

Q. What has been your favorite build? 

A. My favorite build was for a T.V. and movie car build off.  I chose to do the 77 Firebird from the T.V.  show the Rockford files. For this build I used a Yatming 77 Trans-am an reverse engineered it into a standard Firebird. 

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