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Today we are learning a little bit about a custom builder known on YouTube as Devil’s Details Diecast. The man behind Devil’s Details Diecast is Jamie, he’s 44 and lives in the Northeast of the United States.

Q. Hi Jamie, I’m a big fan of your work, tell me, how long have you been building/modifying diecast?

A. I started my YouTube channel in June 2019, so basically that’s when I “officially” started. I used to strip cars with my cousin when we were kids on a wire wheel mounted on a bench grinder. We used to also bash them up and create big accident scenes. I then moved on to customizing action figures and building dioramas for a good 20+ years. Very new to diecast.

Q. How did you get involved with building die cast?

A. I honestly don’t remember, but it was something that was kicking around my head for some reason. I started looking on YouTube and found some really great customizers and just decided to go for it.

Q. What is your style/theme as a builder?

A. I have been doing a lot of Gaslands/Post Apocalyptic style recently (once a week on my channel). I also dig muscle cars and trucks. I sprinkle in some restorations and plan to do more restos of childhood favorites soon.

Q. What do you like about customizing die cast?

Making something that I would want in real life. Removing gaudy paint jobs/graphics, and making cars look as cool as possible.

Q. What is next the customization for you?

Working on a custom Batmobile for my newest community challenge. (Check it out Mar 31,2020 on YouTube)

 Q. What has been your favorite build?

A. Hard to pick one, but I would say my Monster Energy Three Blind Mice build (Check it out on YouTube)

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Below are some of Devil's Details Diecast builds

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