DIY Airbrush Spray Paint Booth For Painting Hot Wheels

If you like DIY projects, you can build an airbrush booth for a fraction of the cost. 

Supplies To Build A Spray Paint Booth

  • Recycling bin (or other types of bins)
  • Bathroom fan (one with a plug)
  • Extension cord
  • Dryer vent
  • Filter

Step By Step - Build An Airbrush Spray Booth

Step 1.  Cutting a hold in the recycling bin.

Measure the metal box section of the bathroom fan. The one pictured below is 8x8inches so I will cut a 7x7inch square hole in the recycling bin. This will allow the bathroom fan to sit on top of the hole without falling through. 

Drill a hole in each corner of the square that you have drawn out as your hole. This will allow you to get a saw blade (jig saw or drywall saw) started to cut out the full square. 

DIY airbrush spray paint booth

Step 2. Now using the vent cover of the fan for reference, cut an air filter (this amazon filter can make two filters for this project) the same size of the vent cover. Fix the filter inside the fan cover and leave it there for installation.  

Step 3.  Rest the fan box on the outside of the bin and using the included hardware, attach the fan cover from the inside of the bin. This will attach the bathroom fan to the bin like it would be attached to drywall under normal use. 

DIY Airbrush Spray Paint Booth

Step 4.  Now attach a dryer vent hose to the output of the fan box, this will be vented to a window. 

Step 5.  The fan does not have a switch on it so its starts to run as soon as it is plugged in. I plugged it into a power-bar so I can turn it on and off using the switch on the power-bar.

I have mounted my recycling bin to a wall, but leaving it on a table top is also perfectly fine. 

DIY Airbrush Spray Paint Booth For Painting Hot Wheels

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