Drill Bits and Drills For working on Hot Wheels

Drill Bit Set

To drill out the rivet on a Hot Wheels casting you will need both an 1/16" and 9/64" bit. This set has both.

Mini Drill Bits

Mini drill bits are necessary for more advance customizers. This set is 0.3mm-1.2mm, 50pcs

Tap and drill set

To reassemble a Hot Wheels casting, many people tap a hole in the post and install a screw.

Power Drill

A corded drill gives you reliability and power in a affordable package

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill gives you freedom to roam farther that the length of your cord

Rotary Tool

For more advance customizers who want to drill, polish and grind, a dremel is the answer

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More Information

Drill Bit Set

The first step when taking a apart a Hot Wheels car is separating the base away from the body. A 1/8″ bit is a good size to drill a pilot hole. Then proceed with a 9/64″ bit to completely remove the head of the rivet. 

Micro drill bits

Mini drill bits can be used to make very small holes in the body of the car to mount accessories like side mirrors and roof racks.

Tap and drill set

To reassemble a Hot Wheels casting with a screw, you must tap the post that the rivet was attached to.  

Power Drill

A corded drill will always be ready to use and is the most inexpensive electric drill. 

Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is considered more of a “light duty” drill compared to it corded  counted partner. Its light weight and maneuverability makes it a great tool for a builder.

Rotary Drill

A rotary tool is made for precision work. This tool has many drilling, sanding and polishing attachments available making it a very useful tool for Hot Wheels modifications. 

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