How to Disassemble a Hot Wheels

Taking apart a Hot Wheels or similar 1/64 scale die cast toy is not hard but requires a drill and properly sized drill bits.

Step 1

how to open a hot wheels

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how to open a hot wheels

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how to open a hot wheels

3 Easy Steps To Disassemble A Hot Wheels

When you turn over a Hot Wheels you will see the rivet(s) that holds the die cast car together. This rivet is a permanent fastener that has to be drilled out to release its grip. 

1. The first step is to use a 1/16″ drill bit to make a pilot hole. Keep the drill at 90 degree angle. 

opt 1. This is a good time for you to think about how you would like to reassemble the casting. If you want to use a screw to reassemble the toy, drill down into the post the length of your replacement screw. (later you can tap this hole).   

opt 2. If you are going to use glue or epoxy to reassemble the toy the 1/16″ hole doesn’t have to be deep, it will just provide a guide for the 9/64″ bit. 


how to open a hot wheels

Step 2. Now you will change your drill bit to a 9/64″ sized bit. This bit is similar to the size of the head of the rivet.

The hole that you will drill with the 9/64″ bit is just to remove the head of the rivet, this is very shallow so it is important to proceed slowly.  

how to open a hot wheels

3. Now you have the rivet(s) head removed, the body of the toy is ready to separate form the base.

Quite often the base and the body of the die cast fits very snug and may have a bit of glue along the edges.

Using a small slot head screwdriver, pry the base of the car away from the body. 

how to open a hot wheels

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