How to tap a screw hole in a hot wheels

Step 1

Predrill a hole in the post of the casting 

tapping a screw into a hot wheels

Step 2

Add threads to the hole using a tap 

tap a screw hole in a hot wheels

Step 3

Assemble the casting with a screw

screw to assemble a hot wheels

Step-by-step tapping a screw in a hot wheels post

Supplies and Tools

  • Drill Bit 1/16″
  • Tap 2-56
  • Screw 2-56 x 3/16″

Step 1.  Predrill a hole in the post of the casting. 

Drill a hole in the post of the casting, using a 1/16″ drill bit, that is than 3/16″ deep.  

Make sure you are at a 90 angle to the post. The post is small so there is very little room for error. Also, be careful not to drill to deep and go right trough the casting.  

Step 2. Add threads to the hole using a tap. 

Using a 2-56 tap, screw the tap into the hole that you made in step one. The tap will cut into the walls of the predrilled hole making treads for your screw. Work the tap in and out, cutting a little deeper each time if necessary.

Step 3. Assemble the casting with a screw.

Now you can reassemble the casting and using a 2-56 X 3/16″ screw.

Do not over tighten the screw, the metal of the casting is very soft. 

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