How to make a Decal for a Hot Wheels Die Cast Car

Making your own decals for a Hot Wheels casting is a great way to give your build the look you are aiming for.

In this article well will explore the how to and limitations of making your own decals with a common inkjet or laser printer.

Supplies and tools.
You will need:

Printer (inkjet or laser)
Water Slide decal paper is sold specific to your printer (inkjet or laser paper)
Varnish/Clear coat (in a spray can)
Cotton swab

Water Slide Decal Paper

Water slide decal paper has one of two backgrounds, transparent (clear) or white. 

The transparent water slide paper allows the body paint of your casting to be visible through the decal. The transparent paper is only good for printing black decals, any other colors are not properly visible.

To print full color decals you will need to use white water slide decal paper. This paper has a white background and the body paint of the casting is not visible through the decal.

Step 1. Select your image that you will use and resize it on you program of choice. I use google docs, its free, and the size that I see the image on the screen is the size it prints off.

How to make a Decal for a Hot Wheels Die Cast Car

Step 2. It is a good idea to print off a test on printer paper before you print on your water slide paper. Print decal on water slide paper. (side sensitive)

Step 3. Spray the water slide paper with varnish/clear coat. This will create a water proof layer so the ink in the decal will be unaffected by the water used during application.

One layer of clear coat may be enough, follow the instruction on your specific water slide product to ensure success.

Step 4. Cut the decal out using scissors leaving 1/16″ around the outline of your decal.

Step 5. Soak your decal for 15-30 secs, this will release the decal from the backing. (do not remove the backing yet)

Step 6. Wet the casting where you want the decal to sit and move the decal onto the casting (if the decal is small, tweezers will help).

How to make a Decal for a Hot Wheels Die Cast Car

Step 7. Slide the decal off the backing using your finger or a cotton swab and position it where you want it.

If the decal is not moving easily add a drop of water on it.

Step 8. Use a dry cotton swab to dry up excess water and let the decal dry.

How to make a Decal for a Hot Wheels Die Cast Car

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