How to paint a hot wheels die cast car

1. Clean

paint stripping a hot wheels car

Using a paint removal chemical is the easiest way to remove the paint. A wire brush can be used to get the paint out of the small areas.

2. Prime

paint stripping a hot wheels car

Wash the casting with soap and water to remove any chemical residue. A layer of primer will give the paint a smooth surface to help it look its best.

3. Paint

tools and supplies for painting a hot wheels casting

Before doing a color coat, check for any imperfections. The smoother the surface is, the better the color will look on the casting.

Painting a hot wheels die cast

Step 1. Cleaning off the paint.

The easiest way to remove the paint off a die cast is to use a paint stripping chemical. The chemical will usually begin to work in 10 minutes although this can vary quite a bit depending on the paint. (follow the manufacture’s instructions for best results).

Once the chemical has done its job, you can wipe away the chemical with paper towel and dispose. Rinse with cold water to naturalize the paint stripping chemical. Use a steel brush to reach the any paint that is being stubborn. 

Step 2. Primer

Before you apply any primer, the surface must be free of any chemical residue, this is best achieved by washing with soap and water. 

Primer is used to create a good surface for paint to stick to. Primer is formulate to mate well with bare metal and also provides a excellent surface to apply the color coat. 

Step 3. Paint 

When applying your color coat you want to strike a balance of paint that is heavy enough to be smooth and shine, but not to heavy as to fill in details or form runs. 

Although we are not talking about tools in this article, it should be noted that controlling the amount of paint is best done with a airbrush using a 0.3mm or 0.5mm nozzle. Learn about airbrush painting. 

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