How to remove the graphic from a Hot Wheels Car

how to remove tampo for a hot wheels

The graphics on a Hot Wheels car is often referred to as Tampo. These are the painted on racing stripes, numbers, etc that is found on many Hot Wheels castings.

Tools and Supplies needed.
– Q-tips
– Paper towel/rag
– Acetone (some fingernail polish removers are 99% acetone)
– Touch-up paint

Step 1. Dip a Q-tip into the acetone.

Step 2. Rub the Q-tip on the tampo that you want to remove. Work in a small area no bigger than the size of a dime. This is because the acetone evaporates fast. Do not press with force, be very gentle.

Step 3. Once you see the tampo paint starting to resolve, clean it off with a fresh Q-tip or a paper towel.

Step 4. Repeat the above steps until you get all the tampo off.

Do not work the area any longer than necessary to avoid removing the body paint.

Step 5. Some times it can be very hard to get the tampo out of the door creases (or any creases), without removing the body paint.
This is where the touch paint is useful. Paint over any stubborn paint in the creases.

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