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Scour Pads

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Removing Paint from a hot wheels Die cast car

Removing paint from a Hot Wheels die cast is a major part of doing a custom build or restoration. Below we will talk about different tools and supplies that maybe used to remove paint. 

Let’s start with the most passive repainting situation to the most abrasive repainting projects. (easy to hard).

1.  Tampo Removal

Tampo refers to painted on graphics.  A very passive way to customize the finish of a Hot Wheels die cast car is to remove the factory tampo. 

The picture below shows an example of the factory graphics being removed and custom decals added without disassembling the car. 

The painted on graphics (tampo) can be removed using acetone. 

Tools and supplies. Q-tips and acetone.  

How to make a Decal for a Hot Wheels Die Cast Car

2. Scuff and Repaint

This technique can be used to change the body color of the casting without stripping of the the original paint. 

In the picture below you will see a casting that was disassembled, then the factory paint job was scuffed with a sanding sponge, and then repainted with an airbrush. 

Tools and supplies. 400 grit sanding sponge.

Scuff and repaint a hot wheels

3. Chemical Paint Stripper

Using a paint removal chemical is by far the most common and easiest way to remove the finish off of a Hot Wheels casting. 

The chemical can be applied on the painted surfaces with a paint brush or Q-tip.

Traditionally paint removal chemical is quite often harsh on the skin and should be used in a well ventilated area. 

More modern chemicals are Eco-friendly and have low or no odor. 

Tools and supplies. Paint removal chemical, paper towel or rags, Q-tips or paint brush. 

chemical paint stripping a hot wheels die cast car

4. Sanding Off Paint

This section is for people who do not want to use any chemicals but still want to completely remove the paint and expose the bare metal. 

This can be done with by sanding off the the paint with a wire wheel or sand paper. 

Tools and supplies.  With a drill or rotary tool, a wire wheel can be used to remove the paint. 

remove paint with a wire brush

5. Polish Before Painting

Polishing the bare metal casting before paint, can help you get higher quality finish. 

This step is going to only be relevant after doing a chemical stripping of the paint. When you strip the paint off with paint remover you will notice that the metal has a layer oxidization. 

Tools and supplies. Rotary tool wire brush or scouring pad.

wire polished hot wheels

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